Ribeye Steak

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Size: 1/2 kg - £17


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A cherished gem from our free-range cattle. Our Ribeye Steak embodies the rich heritage of traditional farming and is handpicked and prepared with the kind of care only a local farmer can provide.

With the perfect balance of marbling our Ribeye Steak promises a taste that harks back to the days when flavour mattered most. This isn't just a cut of meat; it's a slice of local history, a nod to the well-raised, contented cattle that graze on our lush land. 

We invite you to experience the authenticity of Harvel House Farm's Ribeye Steak. Visit our farm shop, where every slice tells a story of local farming traditions, ethical practices, and a commitment to delivering a taste that's as genuine as the hands that tend to our cattle.

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